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Bleach Chem Group

Established in 1987,privately held Bleach Chem group is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and
operates businesses across virtually in diversified industrial segments with annual turnover of USD 160 Million.

With rich experience of Over 3 & more decades in chemical trading and distribution is
run by dynamic entrepreneurs Mr.Keyur Shah and Mr.Rushabh Shah.

Today, Bleach Chem Group has several landmark development projects to its credit and has significant presence in several of the major industrial areas and a number of emerging markets. Group has been serving numerous reputed industries across world by offering them top-quality chemicals, Coals, Pharma products & best services like in travel sectors and many more. For eternity, they seek to contribute to the enrichment of business firmly embedded in principles of perfection and integrity.

Pioneering new trends in market , although activities encompass everything from trading to business investment, the essence of Bleach Chem group does are called as best and described as focusing on the needs and seeds of customers and society, conceiving business models, and reliably providing functions and services to propel these businesses forward. Bleach Chem Group is building and has succeeded by technical expertise & dedicated management personnel.

At Bleach Chem Group, operates in diversified segments. Majorly Export products are Basic Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Paint, ink & Coating Chemicals, Soap, Detergent & toiletries Chemicals, Flavor & fragrance Chemicals, Foam & Plastic Chemicals , Pharmaceuticals and many more. Import good quality & quantity of Coal

The company gives supreme importance on the quality of its products. In order to make sure that clients are offered genuine and hi performing chemicals, group obtain these chemicals from reputed and well established chemical manufacturing companies as mentioned above.

Over a decade of long experience, supreme quality of chemicals, affordable prices, and deliveries on time are some of the factors which have won complete trust of esteemed customers. The group is tremendous success has been marked as best in dealings from finest buyers –sellers

Through consistent and dedicated efforts, Bleach Chem group is committed to further strengthening the high level of trust earned from all customers over the years.

Our Core Value

We bring more than 20 years’ senior experience forging collaborations across government, private sector and international forums.











On Time Delivery



We position our clients at the forefront of their field by advanced services.


Our Mission is to achieve global standards of excellence in manufacturing and trading in various range of products and appliance in domestic and international markets, caring for customer satisfaction.


“To lead the organization with excellence and energetic sustainable resource in all terms. Grow through new technology & develop well versed business. Helping clients to incorporate trade to streamline the process, reduce costs with increasing value of organisation.”

Chairman Message

Mr. Keyur Shah

Dear all,

We feel Pride of Ahmedabad having established our first operation 29 years ago with the pioneer of this group Late Sri Dixit Shah. From domestic to international , now globally has made our company a part of every one’s way of life and we continue to build our inheritance of industrial commodity trading & manufacturing industrial salt under the best quality standards.

Our priority is always our consumers & principal make, who we believe are at the heart of our existence. Quality is the keystone of our success and safety of our products is a non-negotiable priority for us. Every day many of consumer world show their confidence in us by choosing our service & products.

Our commitment is to achieve global standard of excellence in manufacturing and trading in various range of products and appliance in global market, caring & fulfilling of customer satisfaction.We build on innovation and embrace our deeply rooted core values: Trust, adaptability, service excellence, integrity. Each of us must share in a promise that collectively we will reach our vision and we know we will succeed together.

Million thanks to our valued consumers, esteem clients, principal makers for your continued support and of course to our employees who have been and continue to be the foundation in our success.

We believe in integrated global marketing & quality manufacturing…..

Successful voyage of More than 2 Decades …..Sell & Sail journey continues …..

Create Excellence, success follows………

Bleach Chem group forever……..


Keyur Shah

Why Bleach Chem Group ?

We are dedicated to provide quality products & services which meet or exceed the expectation of our customers.
We monitor product quality and safety systems to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction.